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A Beautiful Building Metric?

by Laura Varsafsky, LEED AP

Whether you know sustainable architecture as the oldest and best building practices that have stood the test of time, the latest and greatest technological innovations, or simply ‘good design’, the rise in popularity of green-building third-party verification metrics, such as LEED, The Living Building Challenge, Net-Zero and Passive House (to name a few) has been astounding, and should be given a good amount of credit for bringing ‘green’ to the cultural mainstream.  LEED certification has been especially popular in the commercial property and real estate market, in part due to its marketing value.  In fact, LEED has become so popular it has created its own niche marketplace.  Interestingly, NPR aired part I of a story yesterday on just this topic – Green Building: A Real Estate Revolution? – tune in this afternoon for Part II.  As LEED becomes more of a household name, discussions on its popularity and validity are sprouting up.  Earlier this spring, the blogosphere couldn’t get enough of starchitect Frank Gehry’s dramatic criticisms, and various follow-ups here & here

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September 8, 2010 at 3:43 pm 3 comments

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